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eh103 wireless g usb adapterIs Atheros XR (extended range) mode supported?

Good thinking Sash, but 5MHz mode uses ofdm only. Standard ofdm atheros xr goes down to 6Mbps.

And in atheros xr mode it goes down to 2Mbps at it's lowest available connection rate. In 20 MHz mode you only ever get 1Mbps 2Mbps and 5.


And quarterchannel mode 5MHz does not work with XR mode seems to be bullshitware. Whereas the same chipset in My experience thus far is that the manufacturers go and say it's there built in because Atheros claims it's there but they dont provide support for it or a means to test and verify it's there. Atheros xr verification tests all so far have shown failure of XR mode to work. It certainly is and has been something I need to explore.

Now beside all of that I just need to play as well. To me it's fun.


If you are atheros xr for extended range - the only way you can extend range is to buy better antennas. You can try and increase the power output, not sure how to do this with Gargoyle, but that also increases noise as well.

Better antennas will almost always get you a better atheros xr instead of messing with tweaks. Atheros XR mode Introduction This document applies to the madwifi-ng source code. Skip to the beginning of the atheros xr gallery. Be the first to review this product.

NEC Introduces Laptops Featuring Atheros XR And Super AG WLAN Technology

Out of stock. Transmit Power Antenna Type Dual diversity antennas with one internal printed antenna and one external 2 dB Gain atheros xr antenna. Select New and configure the following settings: For Name, enter my-ssid.

For Wireless Interface, select wireless 2. Sign up for our free newsletter.


My point here is that I'd like to get the feature to work and I have spent MONTHS searching google reading mailing lists and asking vendors about XR and nobody has an eff'n clue :- Including myself and I am tying to get one. Again I am trying to get XR mode working, I don't care if it's ath5K madwifi or some proprietary driver so long as it works with openwrt and can do XR mode in both client and AP mode. I can even mix drivers if necessary to get it working. For atheros xr part, Atheros is atheros xr to capture the attention of corporate IT departments with its ability to "wake up" remote XR-enabled wireless client devices for centralized management and to detect when a client device has been removed from a corporate facility without authorization.

XR traffic doesn't trigger carrier sense as the training sequences, the preamble and the data all use XR rates.All of the Atheros "G" chipsets seem to claim XR mode capable when I look any of them up on Atheros' website and read the spec.

sheets. Atheros Proprietary Extended Range (XR) Technology. The basic idea behind XR is atheros xr make longer range communication possible by sacrificing data.


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