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By submitting a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules:. All switch wiring ctx 1765gm done with XX gauge wire. Beyond switch wiring, MiniDIN 5-pin cables are run from the keyboard encoder to the rear panel of the control panel to provide externally exposed Keyboard In, Keyboard Out, and Mouse Out connections. Overall the wiring ctx 1765gm up being rather complex, but trunking of the wires into bundles and logical labeling made the job much easier.

A few additional photos are ctx 1765gm showing the wiring inside the panel:. The Keyboard In connection is currently disabled, as the receiver for the Logitech Wireless Keyboard is connected in its place. This connection was included for completeness sake. To the right of the keyboard and mouse connections is a ctx 1765gm Molex-type connector.

These are connected to two inputs on the keyboard encoder and allow the Player One and Player Two ctx 1765gm deposit switches in the coin door to trigger ctx 1765gm, signaling coin deposits in MAME. All of these connectors are mounted to a painted aluminum panel screwed to the inside of the enclosure.

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To mount the control panel to the cabinet itself, small metal angle brackets are installed inside cabinet and butt against the rear of the control panel. Four thumbscrews are then fastened through the brackets into tee nuts in the control panel, firmly bolting the control ctx 1765gm to the cabinet itself.

As I was building my cabinet to be a clone of an original Data East cabinet, I wanted it to be as exact as possible. Fortunately Brian's salvaged cabinet was there and I was able to measure much of it and trace other pieces as needed. The panels for the different sides were joined with 1" square pieces of pine, which were first tacked in place with Liquid Nails and then screwed together with drywall screws. All screws were counter-sunk, and then the heads of the screws and countersink holes filled with drywall compound prior to priming and painting. After cutting the side panels, a special bit designed for cutting slots in edges ctx 1765gm materials literally, a slot cutter was used to cut a slot in the edge of the two vertical sides of the cabinet, just as was ctx 1765gm with the control panel.

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I replace the CTX GM with an arcade monitor I will likely switch to using a plastic monitor bezel cut to fit with either Hyzod or tempered glass better secured over it. The slipping glass isn't much of a problem, but I would prefer to have a more professional solution in place. On the top rear of is another black aluminum panel, similar to the ones found on the control panel. This panel holds a switch for the marquee light which directly ctx 1765gm the mains line feeding it.


There are also two buttons and two LEDs which are wired to the computer's motherboard and serve as Power and Reset switches. Blue LEDs in panel mount holders serve as power and hard disk activity indicators. The connections to the motherboard for handled via a piece of CAT5 networking cable, broken out into a Molex connector. This connector fits into its mate on the ctx 1765gm board, providing an easy way to disconnect the top panel when from the computer when it has to be removed from the cabinet.

These controls provide easy access ctx 1765gm power the machine on and off, and reset it if need be.CTX GM - Monitor - Service Manual -- Free Service Manuals. CTX GM - Monitor - Service Manual -- Free Service Manuals, fast download, no limits.

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