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From StarForce — the ultimate evil : No big deal, boot up in safe mode and delete the delete starforce drivers, right? Removed the files. Note though that all cases of unauthorized distribution of StarForce Removal Tool sfdrvrem.

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Right click on the icon for the program. Click on properties. Now click on delete starforce compatibility tab. Post: 6. Thanks for sharing i have the same problem and it works!!


I see much more bickering than actual debate here, although I delete starforce not understand how my computer rebooting due to unwelcome DRM is debatable. I cannot add technical knowledge to this discussion.

Windows 7 doesn't start after installing a game with StarForce protection - Super User

What I do have to add delete starforce is that for any game company to use StarForce's protection scheme is foolish. Users unaware of the DRM may attribute any instability to poor game design and refuse to buy from that company. You will get more hits then just the ones given by the Starforce crew. Oh come on MT, how long does it take to swap over a CD?

How to uninstall StarForce ProActive 1.1?

Then you play for how long? And only one game delete starforce work without the CD? That is the weakest argument I have ever heard, and I've heard some so weak that they needed resuscitation before they could struggle out into the light of day. delete starforce

My heart bleeds delete starforce you. CD-Reading is freaking dam slowww. I will contact the CD crackers very soon for news.

Did any one know that I'm using very slow Delete starforce It was built in XHTML 1. StarForce ProActive 1.

An incomplete uninstallation of StarForce ProActive 1. Delete starforce worked. I called Ubi soft support…useless! The famous protection solution developer, StarForce, has granted a sole right to distribute the StarForce Removal Tool utility to www. When you install the game the StarForce protection is already in there and delete starforce you don't install the StarForce thing you can't run the game.

Boycott Starforce

After mounting an image for L. Rush the Delete starforce thing says error reading disc but the disc is being mounted. What should I do? If you want the game then buy it, and delete starforce with Starforce though it has been reported to permenantly harm CD Drives, create system instability and performance issues If you don't want Starforce, then dont buy the game. Though it looks to me like your asking for advice on how to run pirated games that have had the Starforce protection cracked, In which case slap yourself aound the head for being a douche.

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Pirated Games? Fair enough, Starforce makes running a NO-CD or using mounted images delete starforce impossible, I doubt very much you will be able to sort it how you want even if you spend the next month trying to delete starforce so.Following information is only required for applications protected with driver.

toshiba portege z930StarForce 3 Reverse-Engineering Tools (c) RELOADED
bapidrvQuestion Info

Remember - not all programs are protected with driver. A delete starforce or a publisher of. I have tried to go delete starforce devise manager and delete it, but it wont let me. If anyone knows how to remove Starforce completely and care to help I would very much.

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