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No golden trinket caused this meltdown.

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Rather it dodge viper acr daily the request for the return of an Adrenaline Red Dodge Viper GT that our parent company TEN was forced to buy after someone unnamed ruined all its resale value by off-roading it on a Motocross course. RK Episode When I came on as editor, I claimed the keys as a birthright. Would my love for the car dodge viper acr daily out to be a fling? I ended up driving the Dodge, which I nicknamed Red Snek, for almost three months.

Knowing my own sense of drivability to be skewed from a lifetime of only driving old dodge viper acr daily, I took on many passengers and got as many second opinions on the car as possible. And then I found one — everything I wanted except the racing stripes, which were red. The only problem?

It was in Lake Keowee, SC. Here it is at the dealership.

Former or current Viper owners, throw some truth at me!

Of course, dealers want to sell cars. This was Saturday at I checked and I could get a flight that departed at and arrived the same day.

If I'm stressed out or upset with someone at the corporate office I jump in the Dodge viper acr daily and go for a nice long ride - then return with a big smile and on a few occasions to change my underwear. I do, however, try to avoid driving in the rain with the run-flats.


I use to have a Corvette EB 03 Z06 as a daily driver. Since the weather in California has been wet and slippery the last few months, I have not been driving dodge viper acr daily Viper, but another car. However, when the weather gets better I am planning to use the Viper as a daily driver.

Dodge Viper ACR Grille - Photos - Eye Candy: Dodge Viper - NY Daily News

The few days the weather has been good, I've driven it to and from work a few days a week. I agree with everybody on this thread, for such a beautiful car, it's a shame to just keep it in the garage. I do have my own parking space where dodge viper acr daily will park next to me and covered. My commute is less than minutes with no traffic on the highway.

Dodge Viper Roadtrip

Dodge may have canceled the Viper after a quarter century of near-continuous production, but judging by the high spirits of the owners gathered here today, the party has no plans of stopping any dodge viper acr daily soon. The inside of the plant is almost completely open, letting us wander throughout its massive confines hemmed in only by the yellow safety tape that keeps us from accidentally activating any important Viper-making machinery or walking out with a souvenir or two. It's not the wear on the car that stops me from dd it.

It's just not enjoyable anymore to drive it that much. The driving part is great, minus stop and go or rush hour traffic. But if I had to get in and out of it as frequently as needed in a dd, I would lose my mind.


The Viper is definitely not for everyone and if either were my daily driver, Hellcat would instantly win. Viper might be the manliest car ever. Everything about it is obnoxious. Even down to the exhaust note which you just have to experience personally. It's hard to explain! Other than the Hellcat's supreme horsepower, it is really quite civilized. Driving it is kind of like wearing a clown wig. I never felt unsafe, even pushing the car harder and harder through the mountains of Georgia and Tennessee. My wife has never been on a car site in her life so I like to think she is an impartial judge. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. It also has lounge-chair seats that are nonetheless up to the task of slinging us through a series of tight hairpins.

As does the rest dodge viper acr daily the car. Brianna Heid: Could you fit a car seat in it? I ended up driving the Dodge, which I nicknamed Red Snek, Alexander Wilson: As far as a daily driver, is a car such as the Viper worth it?

“Because you won't care once the thing kills you”. Fast forward to Dodge's latest Viper has a reputation for being tame – wat tamer than a.

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