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Guess how to solve this EXT3fs journal error

Ext2 is the most portable of the ext3fs Linux operating systems because it is easiest to transfer data to and from other filesystems. Note that the latest optware bootstrap package will also use this if ext3fs exists.


I didn't see any musos getting eaten Score: 2. I didn't see any musos getting eaten Score: ext3fsInteresting. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin.

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Ugh - really wish that edit feature was in slashcode : I never seem to catch them all ext3fs Preview! I believe Linus has learned to be a little more realistic with releases. While publicly he states that he doesn't care a hoot about what any polls, groups, or the press want or think, and is only interested in building the best dang kernel, my guess is that he desires to see Linux really catch on in the corporate world and I'm talking linux vs other unix - not displacing MS.

The corporate world really wants to see business features in the production kernel such as a rock solid good performing VM, a journaling file system, etc. The older kernels' VM and ext3fs of journalling were really singled out as being critical hurdles for corporate acceptance.

  • Ext3fs - What does ext3fs stand for"! Steady as a rock Score: 2. The only time I've ever seen it upset was when someone ran zgv at the same time as XFree86v4.DOWNLOAD DRIVERS: EXT3FS

    Score: 3Informative. I've been running ext3 for about a month now, and ext3fs is ext3fs much better than ext2.

    E is for Ext3fs Part 2

    I'm glad to see that Linus decided to merge it in. I know that there were some issues for a while with ext3 not working with the new VM, but they finally started releasing patches for the latest 2. Hot Network Questions. Note that registered ext3fs see fewer ads, and ContentLink is completely disabled once you log in.

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    Having a problem logging in? If Marcelo includes ext3 on his own, people would question his judgement. On the other hand if Marcelo leaves it out and Alan stops producing his -ac tree then people who ext3fs been using ext3 will be upset. Score: 2Interesting.ext3, or third extended filesystem, is a journaled file system that is commonly used by the Linux kernel.

    Bernds Blog - Comments - ZFS-Live-CD based on Fedora-Live-CD

    It ext3fs to be ext3fs default file system for many popular Linux. The Third Extended File System (ext3 or ext3fs) is a file system for the Linux kernel. It is basically ext2 with a journal.

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    A journal is a special file used to repair any.

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