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Usually the reason for this error is that the version of Selenium Server is not compatible with Firefox and does not know how to work with the newer version of Firefox. If geb firefox use old geb firefox of Firefox 46 and latest version of Selenium Selenium 3. John D K — Founder of softhints. Add the following dependencies to the gradle build file:. Often a simple Grails app with some additional code to give you a head-start.


While the default build adapter uses system properties, it should not be considered to be the same as system property configuration due to values in the config script taking precedence over the build adapter which is not true geb firefox system properties. The driver to use is specified by the config key driveror the system property geb. In the config script it can be a closure that when invoked with no arguments returns an instance of WebDriver …. This is the preferred mechanism, as it allows the most control over the drivers creation geb firefox configuration.

WebDriver has the ability to drive browsers on a remote host, which is what we are using above.

The name of the driver class to use it will be constructed with no arguments can be specified as a string with the key driver in the config script or via the geb. Or it can be one of the following short names: iehtmlunitfirefox or chrome. These will be implicitly expanded to geb firefox fully qualified class names…. If no explicit driver is specified then Geb will look for the following drivers on the classpath in the order they are listed in the above table. It is possible to specify your own implementation of NavigatorFactory via configuration.

This is useful if you want to extend the Navigator class to provide your own behaviour extensions. Rather than inject your own NavigatorFactoryit geb firefox simpler to inject a custom InnerNavigatorFactory which is a much simpler interface.

Geb Programmer : How to execute Geb with different browsers Sergio del Amo

To do this, you can specify a closure for the config key innerNavigatorFactory …. This is a rather advanced use case. If you need to do this, check out the source code or get in touch via the mailing list if you need help. However, if you do this you become responsible for quitting every driver that is created at the appropriate time. The default caching behavior is to cache the driver globally across the JVM. If you are using Geb geb firefox multiple threads this may not be what you want, as neither Geb Browser objects nor WebDriver at the core is thread safe. To remedy this, you can instruct Geb to cache the driver instance per thread by setting the config option cacheDriverPerThread to true.

Also, by default Geb will register a shutdown hook to quit any cached browsers when the JVM exits. You can disable this by setting te config property quitCachedDriverOnShutdown to false. The base URL to be used can be specified by setting the baseUrl config property with a String value or via the build adapter the default implementation of which looks at the geb. Any value set in the config script will take precedence over the value provided by the build adapter. The waitFor methods available on browser, page and module objects can be affected by configuration this is also true for implicitly waiting content.

It is possible to specify default values for the timeout and retry interval, and to define presets of these geb firefox to be referred to by name. Both values are optional and in seconds. If unspecified, the values of 5 for geb firefox and 0.

Here we have defined two presets, slow and quick. Notice that the quick preset does not specify a retryInterval value; defaults will be geb firefox in for any missing values i. When waiting fails geb firefox the condition throws an exception be it an assertion failure or any other exception then that exception is set as the cause of WaitTimeoutException thrown by Geb. This usually provides fairly good diagnostics of what went wrong. At checkers can be configured to be implicitly wrapped with waitFor calls. This can be set with:.

How to configure WebDriver in Grails for your Geb Tests.

The possible values for the atCheckWaiting property are geb firefox with the ones for wait option of content template definitions. This global setting can also be overridden on a per page class basis.

This manifests itself in an error similar to:. You can prevent this error from happening by configuring a wait timeout to use when the driver is locating the root HTML element, using:. The possible values for the baseNavigatorWaiting option are consistent with the ones for wait option of content template definitions. The reporter is the object responsible for snapshotting the state of the browser see the Reporting chapter for details. All reporters are implementations of the Reporter interface.Try to upgrade the driver to a more recent version. is geb firefox recent by now, so the Firefox browser has likely been updated many times since.


add Geb, Selenium, Drivers and Spock depependencies to compile "um:selenium-firefox-driver:${seleniumVersion}".

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