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Email to a Friend. Fast field detect for imagenation pxc200a sources. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. All the applications installed on your computer will be shown to you 6. You set the chroma control features using the SetChromaControl function. The GetChromaControl function returns the current setting for each chroma control feature. Imagenation pxc200a computer monitors have an aspect ratio of 4 x 3 and use square pixels.

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Conventional television monitors use rectangular pixels. Scaling Images PXCA frame grabbers can scale the video image by interpolating pixel values along both the horizontal and vertical axes. imagenation pxc200a

RoboRealm - Imagenation PXCA video capture card compatability?

To scale an image, you simply imagenation pxc200a the number of pixels you want along the horizontal and vertical axes using the SetXResolution and SetYResolution functions. This eliminates field blur and other problems related to interlacing.

Cropping Images In imagenation pxc200a to scaling images, you can crop images vertically and horizontally. You crop an image in width by specifying the starting column and number of columns to keep, using the SetLeft and SetWidth functions.

CyberOptics / Imagenation PXC200 / PXC200A Color Frame Grabber

You crop an image in height by specifying the starting row and number imagenation pxc200a rows to keep using the SetTop and SetHeight functions. The figure on page 56 shows an example of an NTSC image that has been scaled to 32 pixels by 26 pixels. For all imagenation pxc200a formats, the default starting row is row four, and the default number of rows is For PXCA frame grabbers, row zero of the video image is the first row of valid video.

The first line row zero for both formats contains valid video for only the last half of the row. If you include either of these rows in your image data, the entire row will be sampled. These imagenation pxc200a let you determine whether functions should be executed immediately, or if they should be placed in a queue to execute asynchronously while the program proceeds.

Imagenation pxc200a technique of serially grabbing and processing frames is straightforward and easy to implement using the PXCA library. DMA makes it possible to have the imagenation pxc200a grabber moving data to one frame, while at the same time the application is processing image data in another frame.

The library has been designed to take advantage of this parallel activity. A queued function will return as imagenation pxc200a as it puts the necessary information in the queue, without waiting for the operation to execute. This frees the application to continue processing.

Fillable Online Imagenation PXCA Frame Grabber amp QNX6 Fax Email Print - PDFfiller

In the example above, imagenation pxc200a WaitFinished indicates that the first Grab is complete, the program starts processing the first image. WaitFinished can check on a specific function in the queue as in this exampleor check to see if all functions in the queue are complete. If your system has more than one frame grabber installed, each frame grabber has a separate queue, and WaitFinished checks the appropriate queue based on the handle fgh that you specify. Synchronizing Program Execution to Video The library has two functions, Wait and WaitVBthat can be used to synchronize program execution to incoming video: WaitVB pauses until the end of the next vertical blank before returning.

This is the most efficient way to synchronize program execution to video for non-queued functions. Chapter 4 Programming the PXCA Wait can wait for the end of the next field, the end of the next frame two complete fieldsor the end of a specific field before returning. Wait takes exactly as much time as a Grab with the same parameters. Since the Wait function can be queued, it is most useful for synchronizing queued functions to video. Purging the Queue The KillQueue function purges any pending functions in the queue and terminates any that are executing. This function is designed for error recovery and should only be used when the queue appears to have stopped processing functions. The results of any functions in the queue when KillQueue is called are undefined. For example, if a call to Grab is in the queue when KillQueue is called, the image data in the frame might not be valid.

Immediate Functions You can specify that a function should only execute if there is nothing in the queue.

imagenation pxc200a If a function specified as immediate executes when functions are in the queue, it will return failure without doing anything. Otherwise, the function will return when it has completed.Imagenation s PXC imagenation pxc200a of color frame grabbers combine high quality and Extended I/O (PXCF, also referred to as the Option Package) - All I/O beyond. Imagenation frame grabbers from CyberOptics, support machine vision systems. Digital The PXCA was released in Aug as a replacement for the PCI.


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