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Hard Drive 3rd Type. Processor Installed Qty. Max Supported Qty.

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Clock Speed. Optical Storage Drive Type.

IBM IntelliStation Z Pro 6223 Memory

Floppy Drive Type. Storage Removable Type. The connectors are keyed and can be inserted only one way. Before you install a hard disk drive in bays 4, 5, and 6, intellistation 6223 the following information: intellistation 6223 Read the documentation that comes with the drive for cabling instructions.


Do not block the airflow from the fans. If you purchase a new SATA hard drive, you will also need to purchase a signal cable for it. Turn off the computer and peripheral devices and intellistation 6223 all external cables and intellistation 6223 cords.

Unlock the side cover. Disconnect the fan connector for intellistation 6223 fan that is attached to the back of the drive cage from the system board. Press in on the drive-cage release lever and rotate the drive cage all the way out of the computer until it locks into place over the drive-cage retention tab. The open ends of the drive slots and installed drives will face you. Grasp intellistation 6223 fan latch on the fan assembly that is over the drive cage and pull it outward to disengage it from the drive cage and rotate it to the side.

Ibm intellistation eBay

Fan assembly Fan latch. If your computer has preinstalled hard disk drives in the drive cage, disconnect the power and signal cables from the rear of intellistation 6223 drives.


Remove the empty drive tray from the drive bay in which you want to install the drive. Attach the new drive to the drive tray. Place the intellistation 6223 on the drive tray and align the holes on the drive with the mounting pins on the drive tray. Gently pull both sides of the drive tray outward and insert the mounting pins into the holes on the drive.

Align the drive assembly with the guide rails in the bay make sure that intellistation 6223 connector end of the drive is facing you. Gently slide the drive assembly into the intellistation 6223 bay until the drive snaps into place.

IBM IntelliStation Z Pro 6223 - Xeon 3.8 GHz - Monitor : none. Series Specs

Route the signal cable so that it does not block the airflow to the rear of the drives or over any microprocessor. Connect the power cables intellistation 6223 the back of the drives. Push the drive cage outward, and press in on the drive-cage release tab; then, rotate the drive cage back into the computer. Reconnect the connector intellistation 6223 the fan that is attached to the back of the drive cage to the system board. If you have other options to install or remove, do so now.

Reconnect the intellistation 6223 cables and power cords; then, turn on the attached devices and the computer. Review the following information before connecting power and signal cables to internal drives: v The drives that are preinstalled in your computer come with power and signal cables attached. If you replace any drives, remember which cable is attached to which drive, or label the cables.

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The following cables are provided: v Power cables: Four-wire power cables connect the drives to the power intellistation 6223. At the end of these cables are plastic connectors that attach to different drives; these connectors vary in size. With Serial ATA drives, you can use either a intellistation 6223 power cable or a five-wire Serial ATA power cable, but do not use both at the same time use one or the other.


One of these connectors is attached to the drive, intellistation 6223 is a spare, and the third is attached to the primary or secondary IDE connector intellistation 6223 the system board. The spare connector can be used to connect additional IDE drives to your computer. Note: The optical drive is attached to an ATA signal cable. ATA signal cables are color-coded.

The blue connector is connected to the system board. The black connector is connected to the master IDE device.Model IBM IntelliStation Z Pro - MT - Xeon GHz - 2 GB - 73 GB. Intel Extended Memory intellistation 6223 Technology. dual channel memory architecture, registered. IBM IntelliStation Z Pro - MT intellistation 6223 Xeon GHz - 2 GB - GB overview and full product specs on CNET.

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