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The learning curve can be steep if you do not typically write tests for client-side scripting. Testing the user interface might require adjustments in your thought process.

And, some developers may still have a hard time believing that JavaScript is a proper programming language. To illustrate JavaScript testing, this section analyzes a test case for a basic function in JavaScript. To jump from a test result to the test, select the test name in javascript unit testing jstestdriver Test Runner tab and choose Jump to Source from the context menu.


Javascript unit testing jstestdriver has shell, debugger, compiler and parser into abstract syntax tree. It does not have browser specific object and APIs. Envjs is a pure JavaScript library which simulates browser environment. Load it into the Rhino and you have created a functional headless browser.

It is easy and works for most purposes. Unfortunately, js-test-driver relies heavily on timers and latest version 1. Envjs version 1. Conclusion Main js-test-driver features are exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to write small, self contained javascript unit testing jstestdriver to validate JavaScript behavior. We wanted to run them from continuous integration tool.

Cross browser testing with js-test-driver is easy and comfortable which is what we needed. While command line works as expected, Eclipse plugin is still in beta. It is usable, but it has some missing features. Give us feedback. When you save your changes the page automatically reloads in the javascript unit testing jstestdriver.

Debugging and Testing JavaScript in an HTML5 Application

You can see that the order of the phones in the list changed. When you run the test you can see that one javascript unit testing jstestdriver the tests failed with the message that the value "name" was encountered instead of the expected value "age". You can see in the message that the orderProp is expected to be age on line When you run the test again the program counter hits the breakpoint. Tests are run in Jasminewith a custom adaption layer to run the older JsTestDriver tests under Jasmine. In Chutzpah, I could put each individual test into it's own js file, and reference mediator. Within IntelliJ, make sure you have installed the js-test-driver plugin.

Full of excellent advice on making code testable and various best practices type things. Complete the configuration file using YAMLsee description of test runner configuration files.


You can also click Browse to manually locate a configuration file. When you click OK you can see that a Karma node appears under the project node in the Projects window. You right-click the Karma node and start and stop the Karma server and set the configuration file in the popup menu. When you click Start the Karma server starts and a browser window opens that displays the status of the server. In the Output window you can see the status javascript unit testing jstestdriver the server.

It is not able to start the server by itself. Would be Great It would be great if js-test-driver would be able to run purely from maven or ant task with no further configuration.

JSTestDriver - Help WebStorm

The only part of js-test-driver life-cycle that is system configuration dependent is the browser. That requires web browser embeddable in a java runner. We spend a half day trying to make it happen. We have not succeeded and this chapter contains log of our javascript unit testing jstestdriver. HtmlUnit HtmlUnit is the most popular java headless browser. Unfortunately, newest version is not compatible with js-test-driver. Timers are called and running, js-test-drivers hearth is beating. However, for a reason we have not found yet, HtmlUnit waits for servers command forever and seems to ignore 'run tests' command. It has shell, debugger, compiler and parser into javascript unit testing jstestdriver syntax tree.

It does not have browser specific object and APIs.

Envjs is a pure JavaScript library which simulates browser environment.Js-test-driver is an open source JavaScript unit tests runner written in Java. The project was started at Google and is javascript unit testing jstestdriver active development. Sample code for unit testing JavaScript with JsTestDriver and Jasmine - erssebaggala/unit-testing-javascript-with-jstestdriver-and-jasmine.

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