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AR submitted that at the end of the relevant assessment year, the FCCB were in the nature of debt and conversion thereof into equity, was solely at the option of the bond-holder. Accordingly, as a prudent businessman, the assessee was required to ascertain the future liability and create provisions in respect thereof. In-fact, on the basis of circumstances prevailing at the relevant time, conversion of bonds into equity shares was not at all a viable option for bond-holders, since, the market price of equity shares was much lower than FCCB price, due to global recession and crashing of share markets in Moser baer digital signature. AR further submitted that it is a trite law that interest on debentures is an allowable expenditure.

Moser Baer India Ltd.

AR relied upon the decision of Supreme Court in the case of Taparia Tools Limited vs JCIT: ITRwherein, moser baer digital signature was held that, one time upfront discounted interest payment in respect of 5 years debentures was to be allowed as deduction in year of payment itself. AR further submitted that the Apex Court also held that a different treatment towards interest in books of accounts could not be a factor which would deprive assessee from claiming entire expenditure as a deduction. Further, the Ld.


AR submitted that the Courts in various decisions have also held that, premium on redemption of FCCB can be amortized over the life of FCCB and be claimed as deduction in the moser baer digital signature of income. A security code is added protection against credit card fraud.

E-Token Drivers etoken Drivers For India Interface DSC

Do you worry about keeping your online information absolutely secure??? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then we have got the right product to take away all your worries!! Have your signatures ever been forged? Do you moser baer digital signature about keeping your online information absolutely secure??? How it Works. Achievements of Moser Baer: During the year ofthe brand launched 5.


I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Net Sales Net Sales is calculated by deducting excise duty, sales tax and other such deductible indirect taxes from the gross sales of a company. Book Value per Share The total value that a company will fetch upon liquidation if it is closed downafter moser baer digital signature all obligations is called its Book Value.

Debt to Equity This ratio indicates the ratio of equity to debt the company employs to finance its operating assets. Get Best Deal.

This ratio indicates the ratio of equity to debt the company employs to finance its operating assets. This is the number moser baer digital signature days that a company will take to convert its working capital into revenue. Cash Conversion Cycle is a company's net working capital creditors, debtors and inventory expressed in terms of days. Company should focus on this.

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Company also needs to focus on good advertisement in the targeted market. Chapter 7 Limitations of the study Although I tried my best in preparation of this project, but this study has some limatations: 1.

The period of the project was not sufficient to study all the factors in depth. Visiting various places for moser baer digital signature study consumed a lot of time. I cannot say that what the clients have revealed will be right for each and every situation because their perception is influenced by many factors. Many client showed less interest in providing information and havent cooperated. Some of the confedential information related to financial transaction were not disclosed by the competitors. The company is targeting only the banking sector right now but the product can be used for many other industries. Many companies in India do not use digital storage and maintenance of data so they dont have any need for this product.

Therefore product promotion and distribution would be difficult for the company. If Moserbaer wants to target these untapped market segments of customers it should ensure that customers needs to be made aware of the productive usage of these products. Also Moserbaer needs to modify their advertising strategies in order to educate the target audience about the product.Ace Technology is Leading Provider of Invoice Signing Software, Digital Moserbaer,Windows 7, 8,10,XP SP3, 32 Bit, Click Here To Download · Click. Ace Technology is Leading Moser baer digital signature of Invoice Signing Software, Digital Signature We provide the most security featured Moser Moser baer digital signature Crypto USB Token.

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