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Reflecta DigitDia Mac Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

If the colours in the scan differ significantly from the original slide, it is worth experimenting with Reflecta digitdia 5000. Silverfast scans sometimes are much grainier. Silverfast scans sometimes have a blue cast. It is difficult to make a general recommendation.

One comment is that JPG is better if you do not need to process the scanned results, TIFF is better if you are going to do extensive postprocessing. Nevertheless, some remained in all cases but the same applies for a reflecta digitdia 5000 projection.


To conclude:. A Kodachrome slide dating from sscanned in dpi, without and with ICE technology. If you zoom on the image scanned with ICE, you will see the adverse effect of this technology on Kodachrome slide. Click on the image to download them in full resolution. Another Kodachrome slide dating from sscanned in dpi, without and with ICE technology. A regular slide dating from sscanned in dpi, without and with ICE technology. Linux: Yes. USB: Reflecta digitdia 5000.

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reflecta digitdia 5000 I had a loss ratio with round magazines which was about the same as with CS-magazines. By the way - a great feature of the Reflecta DigitDia is the slide-elevator: through an eject button the currently loaded slide is pushed upwards, so it can be made sure that the right slide is being scanned. The slide-elevator serves however in the first place to load individual slides into the scanner, because the elevated slide reflecta digitdia 5000 be removed easily and can be replaced by another.

Of course the empty slide-holder can be reflecta digitdia 5000 out to insert a single slide. Even specially framed slides, like cardboard-framed slides, can be as well inserted into the scanner using the slide-elevator. The digitization of CS magazines works very well, just like the processing of Paximat round magazines. With universal magazines a smooth operation depends on the content.

Now, where are the limits of a Reflecta DigitDia ? Naturally there are slide-frames and slide-collections, which do not follow any system or standard.

Reflecta DigitDia 5000 Driver

But whoever got cardboard-framed slides will too reach the limits of this device. Who photographed much with Kodachrome, should not even think about the DigitDia With Kodachromes also the normal ICE procedure fails. Feel free to look at our website about Reflecta digitdia 5000 slides. Also those, who own fully-glass-framed slides, shouldn't bother daring their luck with the Reflecta DigitDiaabove all if the entire slideframe is made of glass, thus the slide has a thickness of approx.


Generally it reflecta digitdia 5000 be said, that the Reflecta has trouble if the slides are very thick or very thin. This equipment works best with a frame strength between 1. In summary I would like to say that, the DigitDia does scan whole magazines mostly by itself, but the scanning of a slide-collection in good quality is not a job to be done in a few weeks along the way.

Getting used to the scan software, the error tracing and permanent supervising of reflecta digitdia 5000 scan status consumes a whole lot of time, and one is not supposed to get discouraged reflecta digitdia 5000 if the transportation gets stuck from time to time. Finally another nice small feature of the Reflecta DigitDia should be mentioned: at the device-front there's a slide-viewer in which a single slide can be inserted to be looked at.The magazine scanner Reflecta DigitDia scans mounted slides with an effective solution of dpi, so that image files with 13 mega pixels are created. All important information about the DigitDia scanner of Reflecta and scanner software SilverFast.

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